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Territory-wide Survey
The First Intangible Cultural Heritage Inventory of Hong Kong

Public Consultation — Draft Inventory of Intangible Cultural Heritage in Hong Kong (10 July - 9 November 2013)

In August 2009, the Leisure and Cultural Services Department commissioned the South China Research Center of the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology to conduct a territory-wide survey of intangible cultural heritage (ICH) in Hong Kong with a view to collecting research data for compilation of the first ICH inventory in Hong Kong. The survey has taken more than three years to complete. Over the past three years, the survey team conducted extensive research and field work on more than 700 survey cases. Taking into account the survey findings and the expert advice of the Intangible Cultural Heritage Advisory Committee (ICHAC), which comprises local academics, experts and community personalities, the survey team has drawn up a Draft ICH Inventory of Hong Kong (Chinese version only) of 477 items for government reference.

To engage the community in the compilation of Hong Kong' s ICH inventory, a public consultation exercise is now underway in order to gauge public views on the Draft ICH Inventory.

The Government will consult the ICHAC again once the public' s views have been gathered. It is expected the first ICH inventory list for Hong Kong will be published by early 2014 after completion of all consultations.

You are welcome to give your comments by completing the Comment Form and returning it to us on or before 9 November 2013 by mail, electronic mail or facsimile to the following:

Mailing Address : Hong Kong Heritage Museum
(Intangible Cultural Heritage Unit)
1 Man Lam Road
Shatin, New Territories
E-mail Address : kaylam@lcsd.gov.hk
Fax No. : 2180 8222
Enquiry : 2180 8188

Further Documents related to the Public Consultation

Submission to the Legislative Council’s Panel on Home Affairs - “Territory-wide Survey of Intangible Cultural Heritage in Hong Kong (and Annexes)

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