Fashion Attitude – Hong Kong Fashion Design
Thematic Galleries (3) & (4),
Hong Kong Heritage Museum
19 August 2007 - 31 March 2008

"Hong Kong Design Series" Exhibition V

Are you what you wear? Fashion is not only a reflection of social lifestyle, it is also a representation of culture. The fashions of different eras each have distinctive characteristics, and they also mirror the development of different attitudes to fashionable dress in changing times. The "Fashion Attitude - Hong Kong Fashion Design" exhibition, with Ms Judy Mann as guest curator, is the fifth programme in the "Hong Kong Design Series".

The first part of this exhibition illustrates the development of Hong Kong fashion over the past 50 years, photographs and brief history are shown to serve as background introduction. In the second part, nine established local fashion designers including Barney Cheng, Lu Lu Cheung, Ika, Peter Lau, Spy Henry Lau, Walter Ma, William Tang, Pacino Wan and Benny Yeung, will be invited to stage their works that best express their fashion attitude.

Fashion Attitude - Hong Kong Fashion Design

Exhibit Highlights

Lu Lu Cheung Lu Lu Cheung
Heaven Eyes Collection
Black silk satin mixed chiffon asymmetric gown
2003/04 Fall/Winter

Peter Lau
Vintage Collection
Silk brocade mini cheongsam with ostrich feathers hem
2006/07 Fall/Winter
Peter Lau

Ika Ika
Mother & Child Collection
Velour gown with antique beads and dragon embroidery
1992/93 Fall/Winter

Spy Henry Lau
Hacken Lee Concert
Japanese Kimono style long coat with fur collar, pearl beaded
vest and pants
By courtesy of Mr Hacken Lee

Spy Henry Lau

Barney Cheng Barney Cheng
Hong Kong Film Awards
Crochet chiffon stripeless gown
By courtesy of Ms Christy Chung
Photo courtesy of Ming Pao Weekly

William Tang
King of Kowloon 10 Years Revisited Collection
White pleated organza dress with calligraphy prints
2007 Spring/Summer

William Tang

'A Winter under the Red Flag' Collection 'A Winter under the Red Flag' Collection
Peter LAU
Red sheer gown with train
1997/98 Fall/Winter

'Happy Birthday 2000' Collection Pacino Wan
One piece striped unique print denim dress
2000 Spring/Summer
'Happy Birthday 2000' Collection Pacino Wan

Hong Kong Fashion Designers Association Annual Show Hong Kong Fashion Designers Association Annual Show
Benny Yeung
Full-length silver-grey beaded dress with feather details

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