Nature Imprint
Thematic Gallery (3),
Hong Kong Heritage Museum
17 October 2001 - 25 November 2002
Photographs are one way of capturing the natural world - coasts and hills, wild birds and insects - and its inherent fragility, and in this way they become more than just pretty pictures, they serve as documentary record of our environment.

We all know that Hong Kong is one of the busiest cities in the world. Most people are preoccupied with their daily work and find little time to look at their surroundings, to say nothing about enjoying the natural scenery of our countryside.

In the exhibition Nature Imprint, over 100 photographic works, all taken by photographers and experts who spent a great deal of time and effort preparing these ecological records, offered an insightful glimpse into our beautiful local landscape, fascinating wildlife and faded village settings. It was hoped that, through the artistic possibilities offered by the camera, Hong Kong's natural beauty could be experienced and shared by the community at large.

Inside the gallery, the exhibition also featured a video showing how marine fauna work together in a fruitful partnership, while a jigsaw puzzle allowed visitors to explore the techniques of mimicry and camouflage mastered by small insects. What's more, the museum's homepage offered you the chance to design your own wallpaper and screensaver based on the photographic works in the exhibition, which you could download to transfer the natural beauty of Hong Kong to your own computer screen.

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