Thematic Gallery (5),
Hong Kong Heritage Museum
28 November 2009 - 17 February 2010
Following the "Antoine+Manuel" exhibition in Paris, design duo Antoine Audiau and Manuel Warosz now shed new light on the relationship between the worlds of the graphic design and advertising at the Hong Kong Heritage Museum.

Antoine and Manuel have worked together since 1993. They made their name as part of the group of graphic designers who created in the graphic arts at the end of the 1990s what is known as the French Touch, an expression originally used to describe French electronic music of those years. The duo focused their work on the worlds of culture and fashion, however. Among the first wave of graphic designers to work naturally with computer-generated imagery, they created their own radically innovative style, composing typography and illustrations from collages and photographed three-dimensional models with the use of marks, felt pens and vector graphics software.

Antoine and Manuel combine their individual visual expressions in a world where dreams, the bizarre and surrealism rub shoulders. Their works embrace sensations, emotions and decoration, all the while rejecting the rigourism and functionalism that has dominated graphic design for so long.

Presented by the Hong Kong Design Centre
Organised by Antoine+Manuel and the Hong Kong Design Centre
A partnership project of the Hong Kong Heritage Museum

Supported by the Consulate General of France in Hong Kong and Macau
Antoine+Manuel is an exhibition programme organised and produced by Les Arts Décoratifs in 2009

Exhibit Highlights

Possession Possession

Romeo, Hamlet en Amazonie

Romeo, Hamlet en Amazonie

Romeo, Hamlet en Amazonie Romeo, Hamlet en Amazonie

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