Dreaming over the Bright Blue Sky Exhibition
Entrance of Children Discovery Gallery,
Hong Kong Heritage Museum
16 December 2009 - 01 March 2010
Touching the hearts of people everywhere, some of the most arresting images of quake-devastated Sichuan were captured and broadcast around the globe by the media and its different channels. Everyone in Hong Kong was profoundly moved by the suffering and loss inflicted on the people in Sichuan, especially the trauma experienced by so many children. The Hong Kong Heritage Museum responded to the tragedy with "Little Hearts: To Sichuan with Love" held in June 2008, allowing our MuseKids to record their well-wishes and prayers for the children of Sichuan. A video capturing highlights of the event was then uploaded on the museum webpage for all to share the gift of the blessings offered by our little hearts.

With the vision to strengthen the bond between the youngest generations of the two regions, the museum subsequently teamed up with UNICEF and Chow Tai Fook to launch "Igniting Love and Care: A Charity Project for Quake-affected Children in Sichuan", a series of goodwill events that allowed the children of Hong Kong to deliver messages of love and care to affected children in Sichuan. Visits to and from Sichuan helped foster friendship and solidarity between children of the two regions, while a beautifully illustrated children's comic, Dreaming over the Bright Blue Sky charmed Sichuan readers with heart-warming messages of hope, love and faith. Young, fearless and infinitely creative, the two title characters, MuseKid 1 and the Peace BB, inspire children to dream big and build a bright future against all odds. Their mission is endearingly expressed in the motto: We all live under the same sky. Like the bright blue sky, love has stepped over the boundary to unite us in love and encouragement, emboldening us to live out the vision of "dreaming over the bright blue sky".

This exhibition is an invitation to relive the precious moments of the "Igniting Love and Care" charity project. More importantly, it is a call to our children to carry on the spirit "dreaming over the bright blue sky" by getting involved in community service and reaching out to different communities with love and care, the essence of a harmonious and all-embracing society.


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