Vision Beyond -- Hong Kong Art Photography 1900-2000
Thematic Gallery (6),
Hong Kong Heritage Museum
08 December 2001 - 26 May 2002
For most of us, photography is a fun way of recording memorable moments, whether we're taking snapshots of our family or documenting the sights we see on our holidays. But for others, photography is an art, a striking and evocative way of expressing a particular view of the world.

Of all the visual art media, photography is perhaps the most direct and objective in terms of representation and expression. But photography can also be very subtle and subjective. When we look at a photograph, we usually focus on the subject matter and the effect produced by the picture. How often do we think about the emotions that inspired the photographer to release the shutter?

"Beyond Vision - Hong Kong Art Photography 1900-2000" featured over 430 invaluable and representative works by local photographers that illustrated how art photography had developed in Hong Kong over the last century. Featuring landscapes, portraits and still life in a diversity of distinctive styles - representational, pictorial and even abstract -, the works on display in this exhibition enabled visitors to share the photographers' feelings about our world as well as their enthusiasm for this art form.

The exhibition was complemented by display showcasing popular cameras from different eras and introducing basic photographic principles and techniques. In addition, a series of educational and extension activities, including talks and workshops, was conducted in the next quarter to enhance visitors' appreciation and understanding of the art of photography.

Exhibit Highlights

The Bench The Bench
Steven N.S. Cheung

Chasing for Love
Lee Kin-fai

Chasing for Love

Left Alone Left Alone
Chow Chun-kwok

The Lovely New Town (2)
Wan Shan-sang

The Lovely New Town (2)

White Sun of South Pole White Sun of South Pole
Rebecca L.C. Lee

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