Life in China around the May Fourth Movement ´╝ÜSidney D Gamble's Photographs of China 1908-1932
Thematic Gallery (6),
Hong Kong Heritage Museum
03 May 2003 - 06 October 2003
This new and important exhibition features about 200 photographs taken by American social scientist Sidney D Gamble, who devoted much of his life to a socio-economic study of urban and rural life in China in the early 20th century. Gamble made four trips to China between 1908 and 1932, travelling extensively in the north, east, south and southwest of the country and taking over 5,000 black-and-white photographs that captured the political, economic, cultural, religious and social life of that era. Gamble's collections of photographs are of high historical value and provide an extraordinary insight into China during this vital period in the country's history.
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