The Heavenly Breeze: Selected Works of Gao Qifeng and His Disciples
Chao Shao-an Gallery
Hong Kong Heritage Museum
18 April 2012 - 16 September 2013
One of the founders of the Lingnan School of painting, Gao Qifeng attracted a number of followers despite his short life. He established the Tianfeng (“heavenly breeze”) Studio to teach painting on a secluded island in Guangzhou, where his most outstanding disciples included Chao Shao-an and six other emerging artists. They became known as the “Tianfeng Seven”, and their close relationship frequently saw them organise exhibitions and work on paintings together, and they also set up art societies and taught painting to perpetuate their art.

Showcasing exhibits selected from the collections of the Hong Kong Heritage Museum and the Hong Kong Museum of Art, the exhibition explores the early development of the Lingnan School through the works of Gao Qifeng and his disciples.
Exhibit Highlights

White horse White horse

Gao Qifeng
Before 1931

Mandarin ducks and plum blossoms

Zhou Yifeng, Zhang Kunyi

Mandarin ducks and plum blossoms

Monkey and Wisteria Monkey and Wisteria

Zhou Yifeng, Huang Dingping

Bird and Lychees

Rong Shushi

Bird and Lychees

Bust of Gao Qifeng Bust of Gao Qifeng

Tina Haim-Wentcher
after 1933


Huang Shaoqiang


Bird, Flowers and Rock Bird, Flowers and Rock

Gao Qifeng, Chen Shuren, Ye Shaobing, He Qiyuan and Zhang Kunyi

Rooster and hen in spring rain

Gao Qifeng
Rooster and hen in spring rain

Rocks at Cape D'Aguilar Rocks at Cape D'Aguilar

He Qiyuan

Cicada and willow

Chao Shao-an

Cicada and willow

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