Post-Straight: Contemporary Hong Kong Photography
1/F Corridor
Hong Kong Heritage Museum
13 October 2012 - 26 November 2012
Presented by Hong Kong Photo Festival 2012
A partnership project of the Hong Kong International Photo Festival 2012 and the Hong Kong Heritage Museum of the Leisure and Cultural Services Department

One of the programmes in the Hong Kong International Photo Festival, this exhibition also forms part of a survey of contemporary photography in Hong Kong, Japan and South Korea. Seeking to develop an overview of Hong Kong photography in the early years of the 21st century, it highlights a new trend among young photographers who are rejecting traditional approaches to produce fresh and exciting work.

Over the last two decades, more and more photographers in Hong Kong have moved away from the ‘straight photography’ that has dominated the pursuit of this art since the 1980s. At the same time, an increasing number of artists who previously trained in other disciplines have taken up photography as their medium of expression and are creating works that rely on concept rather than subject or style.

The exhibition features sixteen groups of photographs created by artists who are establishing a new art scene for Hong Kong contemporary photography through their different approaches to creation.

Exhibit Highlights

Nostalgic Revivalism

Eight Great Sceneries in Hong Kong Eight Great Sceneries in Hong Kong

Stephen Cheung

Not So Straightly Speaking

Thailand Unrest Thailand Unrest

Lam Yik Fei

The Sky is Not the Limit

Flyover (No.1) Flyover (No.1)

Kenneth Ng

Mixed and Enhanced

Mixed and Enhanced Image Editor

Rogerger Ng

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