From Life to Mind
Thematic Gallery (1) & (2),
Hong Kong Heritage Museum
05 June 2002 - 07 October 2002
To celebrate the contribution of Mr. Kan Tai-keung (born in 1942) to the arena of art and design, the Museum presented a major exhibition to showcase Kan's distinctive achievements in arts, design and education.

Extraordinary and stylish, Kan is acknowledged as one of the giants of Hong Kong design with international vision. He is also an important artist specialized in Chinese ink painting. His works of art and design are characterized by quiet simplicity, pictorial harmony, infiltration of traditional Chinese painting technique and combination of the East and the West, the old and the new.

Featuring Kan's best known works of graphic design and art, the exhibition presented a very comprehensive profile of Kan's creativity, such as, posters, packaging, publications, corporate identity and Chinese ink paintings. To further enhance public interest, Kan's rich and inspirational collection of curios and artefacts from his studio was displayed. The exhibition provided viewers an opportunity to appreciate the artistic appeal of Kan's art and the philosophy behind his design.

An exhibition catalogue and a documentary video on Kan were also produced with the aim to reflect his way of living, his attitude to work, his artistic representation of Nature, his creativity in design and his devotion to education.

Exhibit Highlights

Love Our Motherearth Love Our Motherearth
103 (H) x 73 (W) cm

Bank of China, Hong Kong
Corporate Identity

Bank of China, Hong Kong

Sophia Kan Children Art Teacher Sophia Kan Children Art Teacher

Modern Paintings and Sculptures to Hong Kong Official First Day Cover

Modern Paintings and Sculptures to Hong Kong Official First Day Cover

Mountain and Moon Mountain and Moon
Ink and color on paper
Hong Kong Museum of Art Collection
67 (H) x 137 (W) cm

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