Genesis and Spirit: Intangible Cultural Heritage of Guizhou Exhibition
(Programme of “Genesis and Spirit: A Showcase of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Guizhou”)
Hong Kong Central Library Exhibition Gallery
9 am – 8 pm
02 June 2013 - 16 June 2013
Presented by the Ministry of Culture of China and the Home Affairs Bureau of Hong Kong SAR; Organised by the Department of Culture of Guizhou Province and the Leisure and Cultural Services Department of Hong Kong SAR

Selected from about 4,700 intangible cultural heritage items of Guizhou, the exhibition includes 42 items under eleven categories of embroidery, paper, silver, clay, wood, bamboo, dyeing, lacquer, images, herbal medicine as well as pictures and paintings. With twelve representative bearers of intangible cultural heritage to present live demonstration and display of images and text, the exhibition will give visitors an insight into the colorful characteristics of Guizhou intangible cultural heritage and its traditional craftsmanship.

A stage will be set up in the gallery for artists from ethnic nationalities of Miao, Buyei, Dong and Gelao to perform traditional opera, music and dancing. Visitors will also be able to appreciate the famous Shiqian puppet shows.

Exhibit Highlights

The making skills of Yuping end-blown and transverse flutes The making skills of Yuping end-blown and transverse flutes

Local opera of Anshun

Local opera of Anshun

Miao-style silver ornaments Miao-style silver ornaments

Huangping mud whistles