Best Wishes for the Family: Traditional Chinese Woodblock Prints from the Collections of the Hong Kong Heritage Museum
Thematic Galleries (3) & (4)
Hong Kong Heritage Museum
21 August 2013 - 13 January 2014
Presented by the Leisure and Cultural Services Department
Organised by the Hong Kong Heritage Museum
Supported by the Department of Cultural and Religious Studies, The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Throughout the ages, the traditional values of common people in China have revolved around domestic concerns, especially the desire for a stable and comfortable family life. These values are often encountered in traditional Chinese arts and crafts, not least in the subject matter of woodblock prints, a folk art in which many of the themes relate to everyday domestic life. Serving more than a decorative function, the prints that families hang on their walls also carry images that invoke good luck and blessings for the house and home, and they thus reflect the traditional family values of the Chinese people while expressing their prayers for their relatives and their quest for a sufficiently affluent livelihood.

Showcasing more than 100 traditional woodblock prints and blocks from the collections of the Hong Kong Heritage Museum, this exhibition highlights the traditional Chinese values and reveals how people call for blessings for their family through works of art.

An Arts Accessibility Service is available for the exhibition that provides tactile installations and special guided tour to offer the visually impaired, the elderly but also general visitors to enjoy these traditional woodblock prints and the good wishes they carry. The service is made available in conjunction with the Arts with the Disabled Association Hong Kong. Prior booking of the special guided tour service is required. For more information, please call the Association’s Jockey Club Arts Accessibility Service Centre on 2777 1771.

Exhibit Highlights