A Synthesis of Lyrical Excellence and Martial Agility - The Stage Art of Ng Kwan Lai
Thematic Gallery (6),
Hong Kong Heritage Museum
22 December 2004 - 15 September 2005
Renowned female artist Ng Kwan Lai, born Ng Wan, first came to prominence in 1955 when, as founder of the Lai Sing Opera Troupe, her brilliant performance in How Leung Hung Yuk's War Drum Caused the Jin Army to Retreat established her status as one of the most successful artists playing the fa dan role in Cantonese Opera. Her popularity grew rapidly following her performances in A Beauty's Grave, Madam Lee Sam Neung and Presenting a Sword at Hundred-Flower Pavilion, written by the legendary playwright Tong Tik Sang, and this repertoire formed her signature works while also becoming classic masterpieces of Cantonese Opera in Hong Kong. Blessed with a clear and pleasant voice, Ng was adept at playing the tsing yi, kwei mun dan and female martial roles. Viewers were impressed by her superb performance both on the stage and the silver screen.

Showcasing over 170 valuable items selected from Ng's donation, including costumes and accessories, librettos, publicity materials and photographs, this exhibition reviews Ng's career and celebrates her distinguished artistic achievements in Cantonese Opera. The show was further enriched with new attractions, including operatic costumes of Dream of the Golden Well in Red Chamber and An Immortal Love in Wartime.


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