Exhibition of "The Age of She" Art Workshops
Function Place,
Hong Kong Heritage Museum
07 May 2003 - 20 June 2003
A modern woman seems has to be a chameleon, changing colours to show us the different images we can have of her. So can we say we really understand her? Can we describe her personality? Is she unique? Or does she share any similarities with other women?

About 40 participants signed up for the art workshops "My Women Idol", "My Eight Best Girlfriends" and "AV Woman Made" organised by the museum in February and March 2003. Under the guidance of tutors Wilson Shieh, Craig Au Yeung and Larry Chan, they exchanged their views on women, tried to get to know their "girl/friends" better and were inspired to create a picture of their ideal woman. This exhibition presents the fruits of their artistic endeavours - paintings, comics and videos that examine our understanding of the modern woman.

Exhibit Highlights

Hands Hands
Chickita Kwan, Mimi Yeung, Fong Kam-hun

Angel of Life
Law Man-wun

Angel of Life

Twins Twins
Chan Pik-sze

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