building hong kong - redwhiteblue
Thematic Gallery (3),
Hong Kong Heritage Museum
17 November 2004 - 18 April 2005
Design Exhibition Series 4

What do you associate with the colours red, white and blue? The ubiquitous "amah¢s bags" used as carry-alls on Hong Kong¢s streets? The same material that drapes the territory¢s scaffolding? Hong Kong pop singer Sam Hui?

"building hong kong" attempts to explore all the creative possibilities of these three colours in relation to local cultural and social issues. Works by twenty local creative talents from different generations and a diversity of professions - including graphic/visual design, architecture, photography, installation and others - will be featured in the show under the conceptual framework of the guest curator Stanley Wong. Each of the participants will, use the red-white-blue fabric to create works that serve as a visual platform for dialogue with visitors on what they perceive as the Hong Kong spirit.

As Stanley Wong puts it: "To build a better Hong Kong, we all need to be creative and contribute our share."

building hong kong - redwhiteblue

Exhibit Highlights

When It Bounces, It Bounces When It Bounces, It Bounces
Craig Au Yeung

In the Construction Sites
Wong Wai Yin

In the Construction Sites

RWB Playground RWB Playground
Gary Chang

Redwhiteblue, Nine Square Grid
So Man Yi

Redwhiteblue, Nine Square Grid

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