L¢Art et Le Chef
Function Place,
Hong Kong Heritage Museum
04 August 2004 - 30 August 2004
Organized by Art for All Support by The Neighbourhood Advice Action Council Exhibition and drama performances supported by the Hong Kong Heritage Museum In association with the Food Culture Festival

Eating may be a necessity, but to Chinese people it has never merely signified the consumption of food, it has always been an "aesthetic experience", too. However, this is a concept that is rapidly dying off - or gradually being overlooked and forgotten - as society becomes ever more reliant on modern technology, the fast-food culture continues its invasion and food is increasingly mass-produced.

L¢Art et Le Chef is an art promotion project that aims to revive individuals¢ memories related to traditional food culture through group design activities such as drama, music, photography, dance, as well as the exchange of food-related stories among the elderly. A vital part of Hong Kong's history will thus be restored as the developments that our food culture has undergone are revisited. Collecting the oral histories remembered by the elderly, the exhibition will feature photographs, videos, texts, images and related food menus to present this frequently overlooked part of our culture and preserve these invaluable experiences.

What's more, participants will present drama performances in multi-media conceived during the project from 3 pm - 3:40 pm on 6 and 8 August in the museum's theatre.

Exhibit Highlights

"L¢Art et Le Chef" "L¢Art et Le Chef" "L¢Art et Le Chef"

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