Local Memory Reborn - Youth Design Scheme Exhibition
Function Place,
Hong Kong Heritage Museum
03 September 2005 - 03 October 2005
co-organized with the Rice-ism Society

How aware are you of the local environment you live in and the different surroundings you pass through every day? Does it matter if you were born in Hong Kong or are a more recent resident? How much do you know about Hong Kong's unique culture, how much of it can you retain in your memory?

Eight groups of secondary school students from different living environments, each with their own cultural backgrounds and personal histories, took part in a series of eight workshops to investigate a variety of culture-based topics. The workshops encouraged them to discover their surroundings by going on field trips and conducting interviews and research projects. At the end, the students then designed, created and presented works of art based on their studies and observations of, for example, markets, Chinese herbal shops and ritual paper shops, filtered through their individual imagination. The results on display in this exhibition reveal distinctive languages of cultural interpretation that will hopefully strike a chord with visitors and stimulate perhaps long dormant but memorable associations in their minds.

The exhibition is therefore not simply a record of the works of art created by the students, but also a recollection and reconstruction of Hong Kong culture that may offer our lives extraordinary experiences every day.

Participating schools

Confucian Ho Kwok Pui Chun College, Sha Tin Government Secondary School, HK & KLN CCPA Ma Chung Sum Secondary School, Lingnan Secondary School, Ling Liang Church E Wun Secondary School, Tack Ching Girl's Secondary School, CCC Ming Kei College, HKCCCU Logos Academy
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