Poster Power - Hong Kong International Poster Triennial 2001
Thematic Gallery (1) & (2),
Hong Kong Heritage Museum
31 October 2001 - 29 April 2002
The dynamics of a poster lies in its power of expression and directness of communication. Entering the age of digital technology in the 21st century, posters remains the prevalent form of communication among other forms of electronic media. In the eyes of designers, poster is their favourite form of design. You could experience the power of posters in this exhibition.

A total of 352 pieces of poster graphics were represented in three categories: Selected Posters: 159 posters selected from the total of 1,682 entries from 40 countries were showcased.

Works of Judges: Creative works from six judges: Pierre MENDELL (Germany), Makoto SAITO (Japan), Paula SCHER (U.S.A.), Henry STEINER (Hong Kong), YU Bingnan (China) and Alan ZIE (Hong Kong) were demonstrated.

Thematic posters: That included the works designed by prominent international designers on the theme of the "Living Heritage" echoing the mission statement of the new Hong Kong Heritage Museum "to preserve and interpret the cultural identity of Hong Kong in order to enrich the lives of present and future generation". Unique style of different social and historical scene were mirrored in this special category.

Exhibit Highlights

Gold Award of "Ideological" Category

Victory Victory
Chen Fang (China)
100(H) x 70(W) cm

Silver Award of "Ideological" Category

My work gives me security, life makes me more unsure of myself.
If you have to deal with something difficult, start out easy.
The most we usually did in that time, we thought we did too little.
Man was born to work as a bird was to fly.
He who has quick success must not have much personality.
Decent people work for the sake of the pride and money.The indecent ones want to change the world and save the people.
1.1. My work gives me security, life makes me more unsure of myself.
1.2. If you have to deal with something difficult, start out easy.
1.3. The most we usually did in that time, we thought we did too little.
1.4. Man was born to work as a bird was to fly.
1.5. He who has quick success must not have much personality.
1.6. Decent people work for the sake of the pride and money.The indecent ones want to change the world and save the people. (top to bottom)

Cosima Boeck (Germany)
59.5(H) x 84(W) cm (each)

Bronze Award of "Ideological" Category

Antismoking Poster Antismoking Poster
Svetlana Faldina & Alexander Faldin (Russia)
66(H) x 100(W) cm

Gold Award of "Cultural" Category

Jazz Festival Willisau 2000 Jazz Festival Willisau 2000
Niklaus Troxler (Switzerland)
128(H) x 91(W) cm

Silver Award of "Cultural" Category

Scissors Blue Scissors Leopard Scissors Red
1.1. Scissors Blue
1.2. Scissors Leopard
1.3. Scissors Red (left to right)

Holger Matthies (Germany)
146(H) x 103(W) cm (each)

Bronze Award of "Cultural" Category

Shakespeare's Cinema Shakespeare's Cinema
Ralph Schraivogel (Switzerland)
128(H) x 90.5(W) cm

Gold Award of "Commercial" Category

吳勇工作室形象招貼 吳勇工作室形象招貼
Wu Yong (China)
103(H) x 74(W) cm

Silver Award 0f "Commercial" Category

Tranlation Office Tranlation Office
Maja Kystol Schou (Denmark)
100(H) x 70(W) cm

Bronze Award of "Commercial" Category

Air - G'
Air - G'
Air - G'
Air - G'
Air - G' (top to bottom)
Masayuki Terashima (Japan)
103(H) x 72(W) cm

Selected Entries




Title of work

1. Britain John Rushworth A.G.I. Against Violence
2. Bulgaria Bojidar Ikonomov The Theatre-That's me
3. China Bao Bin If no Green
4. China Bi Kai Min Marlboro World
5. China Cui Shengguo Make a Fein to the East and Attach in the West
6. China Dongling 面具系列 1 & 2
7. China Du Feng Song 人與自然系列: (1) 森林在減少
                          (2) 湖泊在萎縮
8. China Du Feng Song 服飾與文化系列 : "綴" "紉""""絲"
9. China Fang Chen We are one
10. China Gray Gu
Johnny Chan
11. China Han Jiaying 互動
12. China Han Jiaying 城市發現
13. China He Ming Misfortunes Never Come Singly
14. China Jianping He Chinese Fashion, Chinese Culture
15. China Pan Qin Green
16. China Shen Hao-peng Suzhou Image
17. China Ting Zhang Tax Free
18. China Wang Xu Poster for the Second International Ink Painting Biennial of Shenzhen
19. China Wang Zhijun Anniversary
20. China Wu Yong 北京設計博物館成立
21. China Xiao Yong International Designers' Namecard Show
22. China Zhao Zichun 申奧招貼
23. Croatia Boris Ljubicic Love □&○
24. Denmark Gitte Kath Sydney 2000 Paralympics
25.  France Sebastien Courtois Against the Sexual Slavery of Children
26. Germany Buttner Helmut Feliks International Year of Ocean
27.  Germany Dirk Bleicker Crazy Quilts
28. Germany Dirk Bleicker Troja
29. Germany Drewinshi Lex Hunger
30. Germany Drewinski Lex Racism
31. Germany Drewinski Lex Save Me
32. Germany Drewinski Lex Stop AIDS
33. Germany Drewinski Lex Money
34. Germany Erhard Gruettner Cultural Posters from the Formerly GDR
35. Germany Fans M. Hickmann All my Posters
36. Germany Gesine Grotrain-Steinweg Orpheus+Eurydike
37. Germany Langer-Rosa, Marina People to People
38. Germany Matthies Holger Without a Trace
39. Germany Matthies Holger Gutersloh Gyorgy Ligetiz
40. Germany Matthies Holger Poster Graphic design from Humbry
41. Germany Mayer Andreas Filmnight-Student Film Presentation
42. Germany Uwe Loesch Overlap
43. Germany Uwe Loesch
44. HK John Au  Imagine
45. HK Chan Kin Pang Tai Chi
46. HK Chan Wing Kei, Leslie Taiwan Image Poster Design in France
47. HK Chan Yau Kin, Alan Poster for City Discovery
48. HK Chan Yau Kin, Alan Poster for Shanghai International Poster Invitational Exhibition 99-White Cat Black Cat
49. HK Chan Yau Kin, Alan One out of ten for Alan Chan Design
50. HK Chan Yau Kin, Alan Promotional Posters for the Morisawa Publication......Tategumi Yokogumi
51. HK Cheung Choi-lai, Max New Life
52. HK Sandy Choi Homage
53. HK Kan Tai Keung Eternity
54. HK Kan Tai Keung Cities Discovery
55. HK Kan Tai Keung Celebrating the New Born of the Museum of Design
56. HK Kan Tai Keung

Bornfree Recycled Paper Series:

(1) Playing Free
(2) Eating Free

(3) Sleeping Free

(4) Sitting Free
(5) Walking Free

57. HK Lai Wai Kwan, Gideon Harmony
58. HK Lau Siu Hong, Freeman Hong Kong Poster League Episode I-People (Black)
59. HK Tse Wing Cheong You See What You See
60. HK Stanley Wong People 1-9
61. HK Stanley Wong Black Cat White Cat
62. Hungary Istvan Orosz Istvan Orosz Exhibition
63. Hungary Istvan Orosz Faces
64. Hungary Istvan Orosz The 'TOTS'
65. Hungary Istvan Orosz Graphic Works by Istvan Orosz
66. Israel Tartakover David United Colors of Netanyahu
67. Israel Tartakover David Childhood is not Child's Play
68. Japan Hiroyuki Matsuishi Africa Tanzania
69. Japan Hisato Harutaka Shimauta-night 2000
70. Japan Hisato Harutaka IMS Autumn Selection 2000
71. Japan Itoh, Toyotsugu Witness-The World Heritage
72. Japan Kazumasa Nagai 10th International Design
73. Japan Koji Mizutani Ryuko Tsushin
74. Japan Masaaki Hiromura 97 Kyoto Environmental Poster Design Exhibition
75. Japan Masaaki Hiromura Takeo Paper Show
76. Japan Masaaki Hiromura Muji Air Furniture
77. Japan Masaaki Hiromura Muji Knit Campaign
78. Japan Masaaki Hiromura Muji Price Campaign
79. Japan Masaaki Hiromura Muji Breakfast Campaign
80. Japan Masaaki Hiromura Muji Service
81. Japan Masaaki Hiromura Muji Price Campaign 99
82. Japan Masaru Suzuki Thin as a Thread
83. Japan Masayuki Terashima No Landmine
84. Japan Masayuki Terashima Economic Life?
85. Japan Masayuki Terashima John Hicks + Suzie Japan Tour 97
86. Japan Masayuki Terashima Charity Concert Hokkaido 2000
87. Japan Masuteru Aoba All Flesh is Grass
88. Japan Masuteru Aoba Competition 2000
89. Japan Motoya Sugisaki Kaitensushi Totoyamichi
90. Japan Pedro Yamashita Yang Jing Pipa Solo Concert
91. Japan Shin Matsungana Iwasaki Lighting
92. Japan Shuzo Kato Process Center Co.LTD
93. Japan Shuzo Kato 1.Perfect Combination 2.Power Communication 3.Positive Creation
94. Japan Tadanori Yokoo Ka-sai
95. Japan Tadanori Yokoo V&A
96. Japan Tadanori Yokoo Gohatto
97. Japan U.G. Sato Visual Communication
98. Japan Yutaka Murakoshi Unheard of Style-1.Sudanese 2.Indian 3.Korean 4.American
99. Japan Yutaka Murakoshi New Year Style-1.Japanese 2.English 3.Austrian 4.Jamaican
100. Korea Bae, Sung Eic We Killing Nature
101. Korea O-Yong Kwon Gulliver
102. Mexico Angel Lagunes Rrodrigues Errant Chronicles
103. Mexico Angel Lagunes Rrodrigues Fifty Posters and 500 Mights
104. Mexico Jose Manuel Morelos Villegas Thirty Years of the Political Poster
105. Poland Filip Iwanski Coca-Cola
106. Poland Miroslaw Adamczyk Fotography in the Japanese Poster
107. Poland Ryszard Kajzer 18. Torino Film Festival
108. Poland Piotr Szulkowski Amnesty International
109. Poland Stays Eidrigevicius Stasys Exhibition in Warsaw Hoza Street
110. Poland Tadeusz Piechura Kazimir Malevich 120th Anniversary of Birth 1878-1998
Kazimir Malevich 65th Anniversary of Death 1935-2000
111. Poland Wieslaw Grzegorczyk Poles and German Together in Europe
112. Poland Zebrowski Leszek Galina
113. Russia Yuri Gulitov Yuri Gulitov Typeface
114. Russia Yuri Surkov Water for Human Kind
115. Russia Yuri Surkov Culture Program
116. Switzerland Bundi Stephan Troades (The Trojan Women)
117. Switzerland Bundi Stephan Schuld und Suhne
(Crime and Punishment)
118. Switzerland Grunig Urs Amnesty International
119. Switzerland K. Domenic Geissbuhler Ilombardi
120. Switzerland K. Domenic Geissbuhler Amore
121. Switzerland K. Domenic Geissbuhler LuLu
122. Switzerland K. Domenic Geissbuhler Liebesgarten Love Garden
123. Switzerland Niklaus Troxler Ellery Eskelin - Han Bennink
124. Switzerland Niklaus Troxler Daniel Bourquin - Leon Francioci
125. Switzerland Niklaus Troxler Jazz Festival - Willisau '98
126. Switzerland Ralph Schraivogel AGI Seminar Zurich
127. Switzerland Ralph Schraivogel Cinemafrica 97
128. Switzerland Rosmarie Tissi The Worst Case
129. Switzerland Rosmarie Tissi Swiss Poster of the Year 1998
130. Switzerland Rosmarie Tissi Swiss poster of the Year 1999
131. Switzerland Siegfried Odermatt More Intormation : Later! Exhibition in APG Poster Eornm Hoven /Switzerland
132. Switzerland Tean-Benoit Levy Days of Cinema'Solothuen/Switzerland
133. Taiwan 李根在 1. 中國‧台灣-和平 
2. 中國‧台灣-戰爭
134. Taiwan 李根在 悼念龜倉雄策
135. Taiwan 李根在 戰勝愛滋
136. Taiwan 李根在 旭銀企業-雙E紙張海報
137. Taiwan 施令紅 Slaughtered Woman's Rights
138. USA Cedomir Kostovic Racism & Racism
139. USA Ivan Cher Mayeff Posters American Style
140. USA Ivan Cher Mayeff Aiga Miami
141. USA Joe Scorsone, 
Alice Drveding
Ethnic Cleanser, stress, risk
142. USA Michael Bicout Architectural League of New York 'Light Years'
143. USA Michael Gericke AIA Heritage Ball 'Face'
144. USA Michael Gericke Inscape 'Eye', 'Man', 'Door', 'Lamp'
145. USA Paul B, Davis Grand Illusion
146. USA Paul B, Davis Ginza Graphic Gallery
147. USA Paul B, Davis Art Is......
148. Yugoslavia Kapitans Atila Hamlet
149. Yugoslavia Kapitans Atila Nightmare
150. Zimbabwe Chaz Maviyane-Davies Rights: Article 2, 4, 7, 15, 21

Other Past Exhibitions