Hong Kong's Popular Entertainment
Thematic Galleries (1) & (2),
Hong Kong Heritage Museum
14 June 2006 - 26 February 2007
Discovering and exploring popular forms of entertainment may seem trivial, but it is in fact a good way to enhance our understanding of the historical and cultural changes undergone by a particular region. Hong Kong is a densely populated city where East continues to meet West in the modern era and where different forms of entertainment have regularly emerged in the past hundred years. As industry and commerce has flourished, as electronic media have developed and as we have experienced an influx of fashionable pastimes into Hong Kong since the 1950s, new forms of entertainment - from amusement parks to television and video games - have appeared and gradually gained popularity.

Jointly organized with the Department of History at the Hong Kong Baptist University, and drawing on the collections of the museum and of public and private organizations and collectors, the exhibition "Hong Kong's Popular Entertainment" focuses on changes in Hong Kong's major leisure activities - including shengongxi, street entertainment, amusement parks, hiking and traveling, horse racing, football, theatre, radio, television, toys, comics and Internet - and describes their relationship to political, economic, social and technological developments.

Don't miss this unique opportunity to visit the "Hong Kong's Popular Entertainment" exhibition and discover and explore our collective experience of how we amuse ourselves.

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