Thematic Gallery (6),
Hong Kong Heritage Museum
04 June 2006 - 27 November 2006
When it comes to a serious shopping experience, Hong Kong has everything in abundance. As the Hong Kong Tourism Board slogan suggests, Hong Kong has long enjoyed a reputation as a shopper's paradise. Now, if you are looking for access to art that is as easy as shopping in a shopping mall, "MEGartSTORE" is your handy solution.

Putting the spotlight on over 300 museum art collections, the "MEGartSTORE" is the first big-box store of its kind in Hong Kong. Five artists - TANG Ying-chi, Annie WAN, Hung LAM, Amy CHEUNG and TSANG Kin-wah - showcase their works in five shops: Food & Beverage (FB), Health & Beauty (HB), Home & Garden (HG), Leisure & Entertainment (LE) and Rest Area (RA). The interior of the "MEGartSTORE" has been specially designed by four young architects, Steven CHU, Anson TSANG, Kenneth TSE and Humphrey WONG, with branding by Tommy LI.

Debuting in Hong Kong with the aim of examining the dialogue between museum exhibition and commercial presentation, "MEGartSTORE" provides an alternative "consumption" experience for shoppers and spectators alike, while also serving as a catalyst for a new perspective on our everyday shopping behaviour.

Have you started your summer shopping yet?

Exhibit Highlights

Tsang Kin-wah

Veiled Wall and Veiled Clothes
Tang Ying-chi

Veiled Wall and Veiled Clothes

A Bleeding Toy from Childhood A Bleeding Toy from Childhood
Amy Cheung

The Rainbow
Annie Wan
Mixed media

The Rainbow

Home and Garden Home and Garden
Hung Lam

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