Better Living – Product Design Contributes
Thematic Galleries (3) & (4),
Hong Kong Heritage Museum
26 November 2006 - 25 June 2007
Hong Kong Design Series Exhibition IV

Creative product design plays a significant role in inspiring the way we live, as product designers transform the desires and fantasies of ordinary people into innovative yet usable products. With Professor Yanta Lam of the Hong Kong Polytechnic University serving as the guest curator, this exhibition showcases successful products and experimental works by both renowned and up-and-coming local product designers that illustrate how product design can contribute to "Better Living". Covering the whole design process from the conceptual stage to the finished product – with research works, sketches, drawings, mock-ups, models, final prototypes and production samples on display – the exhibits offer visitors a glimpse into the inventive and creative thinking of product designers and how they contribute to the enhancement of our daily life.

Better Living - Product Design Contributes

Exhibit Highlights

"Well" Tea Set "Well" Tea Set
What's That Product Development

Hand Puppet Mitt
Winnif Pang

Hand Puppet Mitt

One+TM Battery System One+TM Battery System
Techtronic Industries

MP3 Radio
Patrick Hui

MP3 Radio

"Fatina" Doll "Fatina" Doll
Prudence Mak

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