Life Impression: Response Exhibition of The Print Art of Huang Xinbo
To complement the "Imprint of the Heart: Artistic Journey of Huang Xinbo" exhibition, the Hong Kong Heritage Museum teamed up with the Hong Kong Open Printshop to present a series of fringe activities that started in April 2011. A number of outstanding works have now been selected for display as a cross-generational echo of Huang's masterpieces in an exhibition "Life Impression: Response Exhibition of The Print Art of Huang Xinbo". This response exhibition and the complement programmes aim to raise public interest in printmaking.

Moving to Hong Kong after the Second Sino-Japanese War, Huang Xinbo founded the Human Art Club with his friends in 1946 to organise exhibitions and promote cultural activities and thus realise his vision of "drawing the dreams and fantasies of today�K painting the reality of tomorrow" through artistic creation. In the six-session programme "Life Impression: A Printmaking Quartet", the instructor first introduced secondary school and university students to Huang Xinbo's life and the characteristic features of his art and then taking renjian ("on earth") as their working theme. Participants made use of various printmaking techniques, including relief printing, intaglio, planography, screen printing and cyanotype, to depict renjian from different points of view and reflect their feelings and understanding on current issues. Outstanding works are displayed in the response exhibition on the 1st floor of the museum until 26 March 2012.

Event snapshot at the opening ceremony

University and secondary school students have a group photo with the officiating guests at the opening ceremony

Outstanding student works are displayed on the 1st floor of the museum.

Event snapshots of the programme "Life Impression: A Printmaking Quartet"

The instructor introduces Huang Xinbo's life and the characteristics of his art to a group of secondary students.
The instructor demonstrates the secret of the inking techniques.
With the help of the instructor, a student starts printing her images.

Other Event Snapshots