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LCSD Museums Collection Management System - Public Search (English) (new version in progress)

Please kindly note that the search results of Hong Kong Heritage Museum collection may not be complete. Only objects with Museum Number HM1988.2.10 to HM1997.97.149 are currently accessible. For full set of online collection information, please access via the "Museum Collections" webpage of Hong Kong Heritage Museum.

康樂及文化事務署博物館統一藏品管理系統 - 公眾搜尋(中文) (新版本製作中)

*現時只能檢索部分香港文化博物館藏品,包括藏品號碼由 HM1988.2.10 至 HM1997.97.149 的資料。如欲參閱全部網上藏品,請瀏覽香港文化博物館網頁「博物館藏品」一欄。