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"Twelve Flower Deities – In Memory of Dr Tsui Tsin-tong" Programme Series

In 2018, the Hong Kong Heritage Museum and The Tsui Art Foundation launched the "In Praise of Flowers" programme series. The Month Cups inspired five educational activities, which are the highlight exhibit of the special exhibition "A Glimpse of TSUI's Collection". The activities were well received by the public and deepened their understanding of Dr Tsui Tsin-tong's collection. This year, the Hong Kong Heritage Museum and The Tsui Art Foundation will once again organise various commemorative activities and cultural programmes to pass on Dr Tsui's cultural and educational mission, and to share with the audience the essence of Chinese culture.

Co-organiser: The Tsui Art Foundation

Programme Details

Talk: Beauty in the Golden Years and Wellness for Longevity

The ancients stressed the importance of the "unity of man and nature". People's lives were considered to be inseparable from the laws of nature, so their daily life and diet had to adapt the change of seasons to maintain good health. Confucius said, "Only eat food that is in season". "Incorporating flowers into dishes" has been part of our culture since ancient times. According to many old texts, the ancients included flowers in their food. Nowadays, people make sauces and desserts with flowers, starting a new natural diet trend. Flowers are also used as ingredients in medicines, and often as herbal teas to help maintain health and prevent illness.

Through The Tsui Art Foundation, we invited registered Chinese medicine practitioner Dr Kelly Chain to talk about the nutritional composition, edible value and medicinal effects of flowers, to explain how to incorporate flowers in our daily diet, and to discuss how to mix them with other seasonal ingredients to make healthy food and tea. This will allow the participants to learn more about how to stay healthy in all four seasons.

Date 5 December 2021 (Sunday)
Time 2:30 pm – 4:30 pm
Venue T.T. Tsui Gallery of Chinese Art, 2/F
Speaker Dr Kelly Chain (Registered Chinese Medicine Practitioner, and Doctor of Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western Clinical Medicine)
Enrolment No registration is required. Limited seats, first-come-first-served. Admission tickets will be distributed starting at 2 pm at the T.T. Tsui Gallery of Chinese Art, 2/F.

"Poetic Portrayal of Flowers with Ink" Parent-child Calligraphy Workshop

The Month Cups are known as one of the finest creations made by the imperial kiln for Emperor Kangxi of the Qing Dynasty. The body of the cups is delicate and exquisite, and each cup is painted with a flower of the month, with a corresponding poem. The combination of painting, poetry and calligraphy in the artwork was a popular art form in the court at the time.

Young calligrapher, Dr Chui Pui-chee, will explain the poems and cultural connotations of the flowers of the month, and demonstrate with various calligraphy styles and writing techniques the beauty of stokes in traditional Chinese calligraphy. He will also guide the participants to draw inspiration from the poems on the Month Cups, and create short sentences or verses related to flowers in their calligraphy. The participants will explore the fun of Chinese characters and calligraphy in the writing process.

Date 5 December 2021 (Sunday)
Time 2:30 pm – 4:30 pm
Venue Seminar Room, G/F
Instructor Dr Chui Pui-chee (Calligrapher)
Target Children aged 8 – 12
Enrolment A maximum of 20 participants (10 pairs of child and adult). Enrolment starts on 19 November 2021 at 10 am and ends on 29 November 2021 at 3 pm. To register, please complete the application form for Education and Extension Programmes (download the form). In case of over-application, open lot drawing will be conducted. Successful applicants will be notified by phone.
Open Lot Drawing 30 November 2021 at 3pm, Education Studio, G/F

"Affiliation with Twelve Flower Deities" Appreciation Gathering

To coincide with the exhibition "A Glimse of TSUI's Collection", The Tsui Art Foundation invited dongxiao performer Mr Tam Po-shek to compose theme melodies for the Twelve Flower Deities and produced the Twelve Flower Deities album. At the event, Mr Tam Po-shek, kong drum performer Ms Wong Yin, guzheng performer Ms Chui Mei-ting, cellist Mr Stephen Bin and percussionist Mr Chin Kwok-wai will perform pieces from Twelve Flower Deities with musical instruments, including a dongxiao, kong drum, guzheng, cello and glockenspiel, to praise the beauty of flowers through music and rhythm.

Mr Tam Po-shek will collaborate with dancer Dr Irene Lau to present a cross-media performance at the event. Participants will enjoy a show which brings together music and dance to appreciate the beauty of the Month Cups from a new perspective.

Date 12 December 2021 (Sunday)
Time 2:30 pm – 5:00 pm
Venue Theatre, 1/F
Performer Mr Tam Po-shek (dongxiao performer), Ms Wong Yin (kong drum performer), Ms Chui Mei-ting (guzheng performer), Mr Stephen Bin (cellist), Mr Chin Kwok-wai (percussionist) and Dr Irene Lau (dancer, Chairlady of the Central and Western District Association for Culture and Arts)
Enrolment No registration is required. Limited quotas, first-come-first-served. Admission tickets will be distributed at the theatre entrance 45 minutes before the programme commences.

The programme is subject to change or postponement, depending on the latest COVID-19 situation. Please stay tuned for updated arrangements.

Unless otherwise stated, all special programmes are conducted in Cantonese and are free of charge. The Museum makes no representations on the content of the programmes. Programmes are subject to change and cancellation without prior notice. For special arrangements under inclement weather conditions, please click here for details. For enquiries, please call 2180 8260.