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Social Harmony Project

snapshots of children programme

Changes in Hong Kong's economy and society have led to the development of a more complex social structure in which some communities are being ignored or even forgotten. The programme "Social Harmony Project: From the Sky above the Museum – for a Better Tomorrow" aims to provide communities with equal access to government and community resources and thus to strengthen their community involvement.

Through this programme, Hong Kong Heritage Museum hopes to forge a close partnership with non-profit-making social service organisations that care for members from different communities and schools that serve the under-privileged groups, in order to provide a platform for them to take part in arts and cultural activities. By organising exhibition guided tours, demonstrations, workshops and other programmes, the museum will give people from different communities the opportunity to broaden their vision, enrich their quality of life and improve their ability to integrate into the society and share common ground with all of our citizens – to go ahead, from the sky above the museum!

Event Snapshots of Social Harmony Project