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"MuseTeens: Youth Leadership Scheme"

MuseTeens 15th Anniversary
Happy Birthday Sweet Fifteen!
Since its establishment in 2006, the "MuseTeens: Youth Leadership Scheme" has focused on enhancing young people's interest in local culture and broadening their cultural horizons. To celebrate the 15th anniversary of the scheme, a special "MuseTeens: Youth Leadership Scheme" zone will be launched on the museum's website. This will showcase precious photos and video clips of the scheme's training and practical activities over the years, as well as a summary of the participants' learning reports to share their experiences and the results they achieved through the scheme. Please keep an eye on this MuseTeens webpage. 
MuseTeens from the past editions of the scheme are welcome to send us written articles, or audio or video clips at to share their views on how the scheme helped or inspired them in their academic studies, career, attitude to life or cultural horizons.
We also cordially invite all MuseTeens to leave us their name, contact number, and the year in which they participated in the scheme, so we may invite them for a gathering in the future to revisit the happy times they enjoyed at the Hong Kong Heritage Museum.