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Vision – Hong Kong International Poster Triennial 2014

Hong Kong Heritage Museum
Poster Pavilion
6 December 2014 - 2 March 2015

Jointly presented by the Leisure and Cultural Services Department and the Hong Kong Designers Association
Organised by the Hong Kong Heritage Museum

Teaming up with the Hong Kong Designers Association for the fifth time, the Hong Kong International Poster Triennial continues to document new and exciting developments in poster design, while also encouraging international cultural exchange and enriching the museum's collections. The museum presents the 2014 Triennial in three parts - a competition, an exhibition and a seminar.

We are undertaking the past criteria of Triennial which is in line with the recommendations of the International Council of Graphic Design Associations. The four categories in the competition – Ideology, Promotion of Cultural Events, Commercial and Advertising, and Thematic – "Blind Spot" - attracted 1,556 works, an impressive total, which represents the diverse creativity of 518 designers, companies and groups hailing from 32 countries or regions and provides a comprehensive overview of the latest global trends in poster design.

A highly professional and critical selection process by a judging panel of prominent names in design, comprising Dr Jianping He from Germany, Ms Luba Lukova from the United States of America, Mr Masayoshi Kodaira from Japan, Mr Ralph Schraivogel from Switzerland, and Mr John Warwicker from the United Kingdom, produced a shortlist of 222 entries for the event. Showcased in an artistically blend also featuring representative works by the five judges, these poster designs from across the world perfectly reflect the curatorial perspective of the exhibition as a dynamic kaleidoscope of "Vision".

The museum is organising the "Wonderful Imagination of Modern Life Inspired by Dunhuang" Poster Design Competition to complement "Vision – Hong Kong International Poster Triennial 2014" and "Dunhuang – Untold Tales, Untold Riches" exhibition. For details of the competition, please click here.

Exhibition Posters

Please click to download a set of six Hong Kong International Poster Triennial exhibition posters:

Poster 1   Poster 2   Poster 3   Poster 4   Poster 5   Poster 6