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Spaces and Places
Thematic Galleries (3) & (4),
Hong Kong Heritage Museum
03 July 2005 - 28 November 2005

Hong Kong Design Series Exhibition II

Geographically, Hong Kong is but a barely visible dot on the world map. With a population of 6.8 million, though, the lack of land resources has resulted in the upward search for usable space and thus the concrete jungles. It is a reflection of how geographical and economic factors determine the spatial imagination of the people of a place and help shape its character and culture. The technology and materials available in different eras further modify people's innate desires and conceptions, giving their spatial expression temporal colors. Thus everything evolves in an interactive relationship.

New concepts in real estate emphasize particular lifestyles and idealized environments as selling points and focus on people's desire for new and creative spatial arrangements. In the Spaces and Places exhibition, four renowned Hong Kong architects - Barrie Ho, Desmond Hui, Wallace Chang and Rocco Yim - reconstruct the space in the galleries, venturing into the possibilities of the unknown and generating a variety of spatial experiences for visitors.

There is no better way to appreciate an innovative "space" than to step into one and feel it for yourself!