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Poster Power - Hong Kong International Poster Triennial 2001
Thematic Gallery (1) & (2),
Hong Kong Heritage Museum
31 October 2001 - 29 April 2002

The dynamics of a poster lies in its power of expression and directness of communication. Entering the age of digital technology in the 21st century, posters remains the prevalent form of communication among other forms of electronic media. In the eyes of designers, poster is their favourite form of design. You could experience the power of posters in this exhibition.

A total of 352 pieces of poster graphics were represented in three categories: Selected Posters: 159 posters selected from the total of 1,682 entries from 40 countries were showcased.

Works of Judges: Creative works from six judges: Pierre MENDELL (Germany), Makoto SAITO (Japan), Paula SCHER (U.S.A.), Henry STEINER (Hong Kong), YU Bingnan (China) and Alan ZIE (Hong Kong) were demonstrated.

Thematic posters: That included the works designed by prominent international designers on the theme of the "Living Heritage" echoing the mission statement of the new Hong Kong Heritage Museum "to preserve and interpret the cultural identity of Hong Kong in order to enrich the lives of present and future generation". Unique style of different social and historical scene were mirrored in this special category.