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Mega Crossover - 4 X Home
Thematic Galleries (3) & (4),
Hong Kong Heritage Museum
15 January 2006 - 04 September 2006

Hong Kong Design Series Exhibition III

Recently, many local creative talents from different disciplines have been attracted to the field of home design, where they have combined their inventiveness with a business outlook to develop high-quality home products on the one hand and promote the profile of local brands on the other. In celebration of their achievements in contemporary home design that complement our art of living, Mr Douglas Young, the prominent designer/architect who founded famous local lifestyle store "G.O.D.", has been invited to act as guest curator for this exhibition. Working with four renowned local creative minds - art organizer & administrator Mathias Woo, photographer/art director Wing Shya, actor/designer Eric Kot and writer/moderator Tsao Chip - they adopt a crossover approach to explore the boundaries between imagination, distortion and reality. As we enter the two galleries, the space within is filled with playful twists and unexpected turns, encouraging the visitor's vision to shift back and forth between the imaginary and the real.