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Exhibition Panels

Culture Express: Exhibition Panels Loan and Delivery Services

The Hong Kong Heritage Museum offers a number of exhibition panels for schools and non-profit-making organisations through its Exhibition Panels Loan and Delivery Services. With the primary aim of promoting the museum's exhibitions, these services provide students and citizens living in remote areas with much greater access to the latest news on the arts and culture and so help enrich the cultural lives of our citizens. For details, please call 2180 8260.

Nine sets of panels are currently available for loan:

No. Programme Title Brief Introduction
E1 Hong Kong Women's Identities - A Historical Survey Focusing on women at work, in the family and at leisure, the exhibition gives visitors the chance to examine and explore the lives and roles of women in Hong Kong in the 20th century - from the older generations all the way up to those of today's modern times. A selection of 9 panels from the section "Women at Work", 4 panels from "Women in the Family" and 3 panels from "Women at Leisure" is available. Each panel is approx. 68 cm wide by 197 cm high.
E2 Hong Kong's Food Culture Hong Kong is renowned for food and eating of different styles, recipes and customs. This exhibition introduces and reviews the history of local food, investigates the changes that have taken place in eating establishments, and takes a look at food packaging in Hong Kong. There are 12 panels in total. Each panel is approx. 75 cm wide by 150 cm high.
E3 A Synthesis of Lyrical Excellence and Martial Agility - The Stage Art of Ng Kwan Lai Ng Kwan Lai is a renowned Cantonese Opera artist. Tracing her career from the very beginning when she learnt from great masters, through her performances in both martial and gentler roles, her collaborations with outstanding male leads and her appearances on the silver screen, right up to her farewell stage performance, this exhibition celebrates Ng Kwan Lai's distinguished achievements in the art of Cantonese Opera. There are 9 panels in total, and each panel is approx. 95 cm wide by 234 cm high.
E4 "Design by Users - In Search of Indigenous Creativity & Wisdom from Designing Tools" Exhibition These exhibition panels - divided into two sections, The Design and Making of Tools and The Usage of Tools - record a number of interesting case studies on tools conducted at a variety of sites, including hardware stores, dai pai dong (open-air food stalls), schools and dwellings, by participants in a series of workshops co-organized by the Hong Kong Heritage Museum and the Community Museum Project. There are 28 panels in total, with each panel approximately 96 cm wide by 191 cm high.
E5 "Hong Kong's Popular Entertainment" Exhibition Illustrated with photos, the exhibition panels introduce the development of the major forms of entertainment in Hong Kong - including traditional entertainment, horse racing and football, outings, from amusement park to theme park, comics and games, theatre and cinema, radio broadcasting, television programmes and the IT era. There are a total of 10 panels, each approximately 75 cm wide by 120 cm high.
E6 The Development of Cantonese Opera Tracing the origins and history of Cantonese opera, the panels shed light on the troupe system, the structure of role types and the development of the stage art in Hong Kong through dazzling illustrations of stage costumes and artefacts. Generations of succession and development have contributed to the changing faces of Cantonese opera, which was officially inscribed on UNESCO's Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity in 2009, making this traditional art form Hong Kong's first recognised contribution to the world's living heritage. There are 7 panels in total. Each panel is approx. 75 cm wide by 150 cm high.
E7 Successful Inscription onto the Third National List of Intangible Cultural Heritage: Hong Kong Items In the end of May 2011, four embodiments of indigenous Hong Kong culture - the Jiao Festival of Cheung Chau, the Dragon Boat Water Parade of Tai O, the Fire Dragon Dance of Tai Hang and the Yu Lan Ghost Festival of the Hong Kong Chiu Chow Community were successfully inscribed onto the Third National List of Intangible Cultural Heritage. All these four items fall within the definition of "Social practices, rituals and festive events" set out in the Convention for the Safeguarding of the Intangible Cultural Heritage adopted by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO). These items feature distinctive individual characteristics and exerting an important influence on the communities. In the current macro climate of urbanisation and globalisation, local cultural events such as these which promote community cohesion as they are handed down from generation to generation, are not only extremely precious, but also are hard to come by in a busy modern city like Hong Kong. There are 13 panels in total. The size for each panel is 215 × 95 cm.
E8 "Hong Kong Photography Series" 2 — City Flâneur: Social Documentary Photography Focusing on the theme City Flâneur, "Hong Kong Photography Series" 2, the panel exhibition is divided into four parts, namely: "Street Photography", "Social Documentary Photography", "New Topographics Photography" and "Conceptual and Manipulated Photography". This exhibition exposes the audience to a group of documentary photographers and their works from 1950s to this day. These artists express their heart to the society in humanism. There are 11 panels in total. Each panel is approx. 75 cm wide by 150 cm high.
E9 Act‧Live – Hong Kong International Poster Triennial 2010 The exhibition panels present the winning entries in the three major categories of works showcased in the "Act‧Live – Hong Kong International Poster Triennial 2010" exhibition organised by the Hong Kong Heritage Museum. Covering the categories of "Ideology", "Promotion of Cultural Events" and "Commercial and Advertising", the works offer a glimpse into the diversity of contemporary poster design. There are 13 panels in total. Each panel is approx. 75 cm wide by 150 cm high.