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Fashion + Paper, Scissors and Rock

Hong Kong Heritage Museum
1/F Thematic Galleries 3 & 4
24 September 2016 – 6 February 2017

Presented by Leisure and Cultural Services Department
Organised by Hong Kong Heritage Museum

Combining fashion design and craftsmanship, the "Fashion + Paper, Scissors and Rock" exhibition invites fashion designers to work with local craftsmen to explore the possibilities of cross-disciplinary creations. The multi-layered meaning of "Paper, Scissors and Rock" extends not only to techniques and materials, but also to creative styles. Invited by Hong Kong Heritage Museum, five young fashion designers and artists, Koyo William Cheung, Meiyi Cheung, Tricia Flanagan, Kenny Li and Singchin Lo, worked collaboratively with traditional craftsmen, such as Lai Yui-kwong, Luk Shu-choi and Luk Keung-choi, Chow Yin-wen, Kenneth Mo, Joseph Tso and Chan Chor-kiu, covering the techniques of gold gilding, handmade copperware making, Cantonese opera headgear making, paper crafting, Guangcai porcelain painting, and rattan weaving to create a unique fashion series. The passion and creativity of the contemporary designers, together with the persistence of traditional craftsmen and the inheritance of their craftsmanship, sparkle to form part of the unique culture of Hong Kong.

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Mother Nature

Mother Nature 

Meiyi Cheung



 A girl's life‧A boy's looks 

Kenny Li

A girl's life‧A boy's looks


Pass and Present

Singchin Lo


Cricket Songs

Tricia Flanagan

Cricket Songs


Finding Balance in Life

Koyo William Cheung