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Special exhibitions

Free admission. Please click here for details of special exhibitions.

Permanent exhibitions

Free admission. Please click here for details of permanent exhibitions.

Museum Pass

Museum Pass Holders can enjoy unlimited admission to the permanent and special exhibitions (unless otherwise specified) of museums under Leisure and Cultural Services Department (LCSD Museums) during the validity period of the Museum Pass.

LCSD's special arrangements for Museum Pass affected by pandemic
In view of the latest situation of COVID-19, all LCSD museums will resume normal opening hours on September 29 (Tuesday). As museums have temporarily closed since July 15, holders of Museum Passes, with validity during the affected period of July 15 to September 28, will enjoy a waiver of the museum admission fee and extended use of other privileges offered by the Museum Pass starting from September 29 for a designated period of time. The number of days for the waiver for Museum Pass holders will be based on the number of valid days of their respective passes during the aforesaid affected period. For related details including the number of days waived and the revised expiry date for affected passes with examples, please visit the following website:

Group visit

All registered kindergartens, primary schools, secondary schools, post-secondary institutes, universities, charitable and non-profit-making organisations with a group of 20 or more; as well as registered schools, and charitable or non-profit making organisations serving people with disabilities and the elderly with a visiting group of 10 or more can apply the group visit for permanent exhibitions, guided tours and waiver of admission charges of the special exhibitions (click here to download the form). For enquiries, please contact our staff on 2180 8188 during opening hours.