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Multimedia Videos

Culture Express: Multimedia Videos Loan Services

The Hong Kong Heritage Museum is offering lending services to schools and non-profit-making organisations to borrow a series of multimedia videos for free. The scheme aims to provide students and members of different communities with much greater access to information on the museum's exhibitions and the latest news on history, art and culture. For details, please call 2180 8260.

No. Programme Title Brief Introduction
V1 Rice Farming in Hong Kong (in Cantonese) A glimpse into the daily farmwork of an old man before the large-scale development of Tung Chung, Lantau. (approx 8 min)
V2 A Fisherman's Life The daily life, fishing activities and settlement of fishermen in 1950s. (approx 3 min)
V3 Traditional Festivals Highlighting Hong Kong's rich and colourful tapestry of traditional festivals, the programme features an invitation to Taiping Hongchao from the Pang clan of the walled village of Fanling Wai, marvels at the tradition of snatching fire crackers during the Hung Shing Festival in Ho Sheung Heung, joins the Goddess Tin Hau Processions on High Island and at Shap Pat Heung in Yuen Long and celebrates Taiping Qingjiao in Tai Wai, Sha Tin and Cheung Chau. (approx 15 min)
V4 Opera Booth An introduction to traditional Cantonese opera through clips of five performances: Seven Petitions, Making a Scene at the Green Bamboo Temple, Luk Long Reprimands His Son, The Imperial Emperor of Heaven Holds Court and Ping Gui Leaves the Cave Dwelling.
(approx 15 min)
V5 Chao Shao-an: Master of the Lingnan School An introduction to the Lingnan Art Studio and the life and personal experiences of Professor Chao Shao-an. (approx 13 min)
V6 Toys in Motion Inspiring the imagination of generation after generation of children, funny clockwork and battery-operated toys just keep on going! (approx 5 min)
V7 Woodblock Printing (in Cantonese) An introduction to traditional woodblock printing techniques through the processes of woodblock carving, single colour and multicolour printing. (approx 4 min)
V8 Traditional Food A mouth-watering demonstration by elderly women living in the New Territories of how to make traditional pastries and snacks such as fried rice cakes and Hakka dumplings. (approx 5 min)
V9 Introduction to Printmaking An introduction to various printing types: intaglio, relief printing, planography, serigraphy and mixed media printing. (approx 16 min)
V10 Etching by Chung Tai-fu A demonstration of intaglio by Chung Tai-fu. (approx 30 min)
V11 Woodblock Printing by Mui Chong-ki A demonstration of relief printing by Mui Chong-ki (approx 30 min)
V12 Lithography by Liu Siu-jane A demonstration of planography by Liu Siu-jane. (approx 30 min)
V13 Silkscreen Printing by Hon Chi-fun A demonstration of serigraphy by Hon Chi-fun. (approx 30 min)
V14 New Media Print by Lau Guk-zik A demonstration by Lau Guk-zik presenting a breakthrough in printmaking with modern technology. (approx 30 min)
V15 Mixed Media Print by Lau Shuk-fan A demonstration by Lau Shuk-fan on the use of mixed media in printmaking. (approx 30 min)
V16 From Life to Mind: The Design and Art of Kan Tai-keung A profile of the many facets that make up the artist: his way of life, attitude to work, artistic representation of nature, creativity in design and devotion to fostering new talent. (approx 30 min)
V17 Hong Kong Women in the 21st Century: Opportunities and Challenges (in Cantonese) A record of the valuable contributions made by the five speakers - The Hon Chan Yuen-han, Eva Cheng, Dr Shirley Hung, Cheung Po-lin and Prof Maria Tam - and guest moderator Prof Fanny Cheung at the forum "Hong Kong Women in the 21st Century: Opportunities and Challenges" held at the Hong Kong Heritage Museum. (approx 2 hr)
V18 Hong Kong's Century Tailor Shop: A-Man Hing Cheong An introduction to a famous tailor shop and the booming and declining periods of the western suits industry developed in Hong Kong. (approx 10 min)
V19 Family of Haute Couture: Cheung Sui-fat An introduction to a family haute couture established by Cheung Sui-fat and the development of tailor-made fashion in Hong Kong. (approx 10 min)
V20 "Fashion Attitude - Hong Kong Fashion Design" I: Guest Curator Judy Mann Judy Mann, guest curator of the exhibition "Fashion Attitude – Hong Kong Fashion Design", introduces the distinct styles and concepts of nine renowned fashion designers in Hong Kong. (approx 12 min)
V21 "Fashion Attitude - Hong Kong Fashion Design" II: Barney Cheng, Cheung, Ika, Spy Henry Lau Highlights of fashion shows with commentary by the three featured fashion designers. (approx 27 min)
V22 "Fashion Attitude - Hong Kong Fashion Design" III: William Tang, Lu Lu Cheung, Benny Yeung Highlights of fashion shows with commentary by the three featured fashion designers. (approx 21 min)
V23 "Fashion Attitude - Hong Kong Fashion Design" IV: Peter Lau, Walter Ma, Pacino Wan Highlights of fashion shows with commentary by the three featured fashion designers. (approx 56 min)
V24 "Hong Kong Photography Artist" Series I: Heartfelt Poetic Moments: Tchan Fou-li (in Cantonese) An introduction to Tchan Fou-li's decades-long career in creative photography and the ways he blends Eastern and poetic elements into his works to create a "composite style of photography and painting". (approx 16 min)
V25 "Hong Kong Photography Artist" Series I: The Pictorial Mood of Light and Shadow: Kan Hing-fook (in Cantonese) A glimpse into Kan Hing-fook's early photographic works and his artistic achievements as well as how digital media inspires new ideas for his photography. (approx 14 min)
V26 "Hong Kong Photography Artist" Series I: Timeless Visual Epics: Leo K.K. Wong (in Cantonese) Leo K.K. Wong's journey from training as an apprentice to developing a unique photographic aesthetic and becoming a master of pictorialism in his own right. (approx 20 min)